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621G XT
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Designed to provide best-in-class visibility, ground-line serviceability, and excellent balance and stability for roading, hauling, loading and other applications, the 621G uniquely positions the engine lower and farther to the rear of the machine, increasing counterweight. The 621G also features CASE’s exclusive mid-mount cooling module that positions all coolers in a cube design mounted immediately behind the cab, ensuring all coolers have access to clean, cool, ambient air. The optional reversing fan minimizes time and effort required for routine cleaning. Additionally, the 621G features standard axles with limited slip differentials that transfer torque to the gripping tires to increase traction in slippery conditions.ProductivityRepresenting one of the industry’s most popular size classes, the 621G provides extreme application versatility (three linkage options, multiple axle options, and broad attachment compatibility), best-in-class horsepower and breakout force, and powerful hydraulics, ensuring owners get the most out of each machine. Four power modes, excellent fuel efficiency, a new dynamic operator environment and proven engine and emissions technologies make these among the most productive and efficient loaders on the market.Fuel EfficiencyCASE was the first to employ SCR technology in heavy earthmoving equipment, making G Series wheel loaders the second generation of CASE wheel loaders to benefit from the fuel efficiency and cooler operating temperatures SCR offers compared to solutions with diesel particulate filters (DPFs). No regeneration, no recirculation of exhaust gasses, no temperature spikes to burn off particulate – all ensuring that a greater percentage of fuel use is put towards productive work. Matched with load-sensing hydraulics that ensure the machine is only working as hard as it needs to, as well as operating modes such as ECO that provide greater fuel efficiency, the 621G proves to be extremely fuel efficient.Comfort and VisibilityThe cab and operating environment of the G Series has been completely re-engineered to provide optimal operator performance, ergonomics and engagement with the controls and the surrounding jobsite. A new 8" LCD monitor provides the operator with simple control and greater insight over many loader functions and activities. The latest in electro-hydraulic controls, numerous seat and adjustability options, and an all-new membrane keypad further simplify comfort, operation and training. A new, one-piece rounded windshield and optimally placed mirrors, along with a rearview camera that feeds the new monitor, ensures full 360° visibility. An entirely new HVAC system ensures operators stay comfortable throughout the year.ServiceabilityCASE G Series loaders offer a number of service-related features that help extend the service life of the machine, lower operating costs and improve overall serviceability. The CASE-exclusive mid-mounted cooling module ensures access to clean and cool ambient air to keep all operating components cool, while also limiting debris buildup and providing easy access for routine cleaning. For applications with extreme amounts of airborne debris, CASE offers a heavy debris cooling system. This includes enhanced sealing of the cooling module covers and wider cooler fin spacing to increase airflow and better maintain the optimum operating temperatures for your mechanical and hydraulic systems.This unique cooling cube design and placement allows the engine to be pushed lower and towards the rear of the machine, improving balance and stability, but also positioning all routine service and maintenance items within easy reach of the ground. Factor in CASE ProCare, and owners can more accurately predict all owning and operating costs for the first three years of ownership while getting all parts and labor provided by CASE in partnership with the local dealer.